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Michel "Grimm" Levesque

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Studio History:

Grimm Reaper Sound is a personal/project studio which was originally set up in 1991 to support Fuzzy Logic.
Unfortunately Fuzzy Logic has since disbanded.  But the studio still lives on. It has been used to record heavy metal demos and releases (Estrus), jazz demos, analog-digital transfers, sampling sounds banks and lots and lots of experimental music ranging from industrial to techno to ambient to minimalism to noise to ... (get the picture).

Fuzzy Logic was:

Michel "Grimm" Levesque on synths
David Kristian ( on synths
Peter (Pete Moss) Bartchewski on bass

Michel "Grimm" Levesque, owner and user/abuser:

University of New Brunswick 1987 graduate in Electrical Engineering (Communication Systems) (
Day job: Montreal Director (and co-owner) of AIA Automation Inc. (
Have been involved in music recording or doing live sound stints (mostly on the monitor boards) since 1980.

Active Recording Equipment list:

Active Instruments List:

Inactive Equipement List:

(this gear was bought, sold, traded, used, abused, or damaged beyond repair at some point during the studios existence)


(these links are probably the better sites for the technical content of music making...
no free music downloads here:)