is there such a thing as "Luxury" tenting?

tenting is not just for low income

Tenting is one of the better ways to camp. You get a real dose of nature, not just a pseudo-dose like you get from the inside of a class A rig. With tenting, you go to bed and you rise with the sun and the birds. There is nothing quite as refreshing as waking up at sunrise with fresh air and birdsong. If more people would tent camp instead of rolling in a house to the campgrounds, they would all benefit from the closer contact with nature.

so what is luxury tenting

I'm defining luxury tenting as tent camping with all the bells and whistles. Everything is possible including air conditioned tents, electricity, running water and a private potty. All you need is the room to carry all these items. So here is a list of the most  "luxurious" tenting items I've heard seen.

how to choose your campsite

In order to go luxury camping, you need a 2 service campsite (electricity, water). That way you have running water and electricity for the coffee machine. If you have a porta potty with a sewer line connection, you could  go with a 3 service campsite.
The main point here is you need a rather large grass or sand base campsite (you are in a tent after all). A fairly good cover is also needed since you don't want to get overheated in the tent or overwork the air conditioner. Just remember to bring a 120VAC to 12VDC converter to power the air conditioner!

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